The Scent of Summer

blueberry shaker and dad

Every two or three weeks, I load up our car with six thirty-pound boxes of our organic blueberries and drive to a local health food store that sells our fruit. The fragrance of blueberries floats through the car, rich and lush, as if I stood between the rows our bushes, filling a bucket, minus the bird song and hum of the cicadas. Even in January when my vehicle’s interior temperature is fairly cool, the perfume of blueberries fills the car. Because we try hard to harvest our berries and freeze them within twenty-four hours, I believe they retain more of their flavor, nutrients and fragrance.

Of course, I take the scent for granted when scooping a bowlful of frozen berries out of the bag. It’s morning, after all, and my mind is turning over what chores need to be done that particular day and the long-range goals of the week. Yet, I consider myself extremely blessed to have the means to grow and preserve our own fruits and vegetables, incubate yogurt from our goats, and crack open a fresh egg. My friends remind me of this blessing when they dine at our home and rave about the fresh food, of the buttery fragrance of the chicken potpie baking in the oven or scent of apples and cinnamon from a bowl of warm applesauce. Recently night, I received an email message from a customer who bought a box of blueberries over the internet:

Got my blueberries a couple of hours ago. When I opened the bag to divvy them up into containers to store in the freezer, they smelled SO GOOD. Out of curiosity, I took out a bag of blueberries from the store…there was NO blueberry flavor. Thanks for quick shipping, good price, and great product! A happy customer from Indiana.

On May 21st, we will ship our last containers until September, but we will continue having on-farm sales of frozen berries. During the summer, we concentrate our days on growing fruit, and come mid-July and early August, offering you-pick. So fill your freezer with a thirty-pound or ten-pound box, so you can open the bag and inhale the scent of summer, the sweetness of blueberries fresh from our farm.

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