Fun around Lake Michigan


This past weekend, a couple from Dayton, Ohio drove four hours to purchase a couple of thirty-pound boxes of our frozen organic blueberries. The week before, a family came from Chicago to pick up both frozen berries and quarts of maple syrup. I am honored these folks and many others love our blueberries so much that they make the long drive to our farm.

We chat about how they plop the blueberries into their breakfast smoothies, spoon them onto bowls of oatmeal, and several mothers describe their children eating a bowlful of frozen berries with a splash of milk and a little maple syrup. They don’t mind the hours in the car, and I provide them with idea of a few other places they might want to visit.

Everyone wants to go to the beach! Our farm is located five miles east of Lake Michigan which is why we can hop in the car and drive to the lakeshore and watch the sunset. Because of record-high water levels, Pier Cove Beach is closed. But Douglas Beach is open and Oval Beach is free from Labor Day to Memorial Day. Check them out at:

Some families want to pick organic apples, so I give them directions to Evergreen Lane Farm and Creamery They host you-picking on Saturday and Sunday from 10-5 and call Tom for more information: 269-267-7672. Their new cheese shop features their wonderful artisan cheeses and other produce.

Interested in eating our certified organic blueberries at a new local café? Drive a tiny bit north of Saugatuck on the Blue Star Highway and try out Pennyroyal Café and Provisions, Their blueberry pancakes are the number one best seller, and they also bake our berries into muffins.

As the leaves turn colors, I will post more places to enjoy the beauty of Allegan County and the wonders of the Lakeshore.

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