Blooming Michigan Blueberries

planting trees

Spring has stayed in lockdown, waiting for the jet stream to open the doors and bring warmer weather. Still the long daylight hours nudge our blueberry bushes along on their seasonal journey. The peaches have bloomed, and the strawberry plants shine with white stars. For several evenings, our after-supper activity sent us to the berry patch. We draped long frost blankets over the four rows of strawberry plants and weighted them down with boards. In the morning, we folded back the coverings and hoped for the end of frosts. Sometime in the next ten days, a beekeeper will rumble in at night with his flatbed truck and unload 120 hives. He will haul along a small forklift and it will carry the pallets, each holding four hives, to various locations around the blueberry bog. The pollinators will ensure we have a good crop of blueberries.

To those of you who have suffered from Covid19 either with the illness or the loss of a family member, we send our condolences. While we have remained healthy, friends have experienced the disease, and in some cases have said good-bye to loved ones. Grieving is a rough journey. As Memorial Day draws near, we also recognize those who served and died for our country, including our eldest son.

A few emails have arrived asking, “Do you still have frozen blueberries to sell?” Yes! We will have frozen berries all through the year. Folks can order them online until June 9th and of course, boxes can be picked up at the farm anytime. But please make an appointment to ensure we are around and not baling hay.

Will you have you-pick strawberries? We will pick the berries this year and either sell them directly to customers or they will be available at Pennyroyal Café and Provisions in Saugatuck.

Will you be open for you-pick blueberries? Because of coronavirus, we are listening to webinars, talking to other farmers, and trying to determine the best ways to offer you-pick and to keep everyone safe. We will update everyone as our plans develop.

When will the wildflower fields bloom? This year’s field is located just west of the Fennville Cemetery. The plants are slowly growing, so we assume the first blossoms will open in early June. I check the flowers every few days and will continue to update their growth. But like everything in farming, the weather controls the flower show. 

And as I tell customers and visitors, if you want to learn more about Pleasant Hill Farm, please read my book, Wedded to the Land, and gain a stronger vision of what life is like for fruit farmers.

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