Our Story

In 1937, John’s grandfather bought the land from the granddaughter of the original 19th century settler who pioneered fruit farming in Allegan County. His grandfather and sons planted many of the blueberry bushes that still yield fruit. Starting in 1976, John converted the forty acres to organic practices, and raises three varieties, Jerseys, Rubels, and Blue Crop. In 1989, John represented the state of Michigan at the first nationwide meeting to discuss the national organic standards. Currently, Pleasant Hill Farm is certified organic by OTCO.

For over forty years, we have tapped our sugar bush each spring and boiled maple syrup so that we can offer to our customers who come to you-pick blueberries. Most visitors enjoy gazing at our large garden where I grow a wide assortment of vegetables that will fill mason jars or our freezer. The old roses and other flowers scent the air.

Our milk goats and chickens add their bounty to our homegrown food, and friends keep beehives on the farm. For forty years, the farm operated off the grid, as solar panels and a wind generator provided most of our electricity. Recently, we added more solar panels and now sell electricity to our local power company

In 1985, with the help of a hundred friends, we raised our large timber-framing barn. In 1986, we adopted our two sons, Mat and Carlos from Colombia, South America, and while they napped, John and I nailed down the second story flooring.

While pruning, mowing between the rows and caring for our blueberry bushes occupies much of our time, we also love to play traditional Irish and Scottish fiddle tunes, read and write books, piece quilts, and visit with friends at bountiful potlucks.

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