Frequently Asked Questions

Are your blueberries certified organic?
Yes, our farm has been certified organic since 1977 and is currently certified by Oregon Tilth. 

Do I need to wash them?
No. During the packing process, the blueberries are quickly rinsed and dried by a fan, so there is no need for washing them.

How many quarts are in a 5# box? A 30# box?
A quart of blueberries weighs 1.5#, so a five-pound box holds a little over three quarts while a thirty-pound box hold around 20 quarts.

How long will the berries last in my freezer?
Most frozen fruit will can be held for a year, but we hope that you eat our berries faster than that!

When will you run out of blueberries?
We stock enough frozen berries so that you can buy them every month of the year.

Can I purchase already picked fresh blueberries?
No, we only offer frozen berries and for fresh berries you must come pick your fruit. Many families drive three or more hours to visit the farm, pick fruit, eat a picnic near the berry patch and then dash out to Lake Michigan (only five miles away) to cool off before heading home. We encourage you to spend a day on our beautiful farm and enjoying other local delights.

What are your store hours?
We do not have a store, but at any time during the year, you can always call or email us and make an appointment to pick up a box of frozen blueberries. During the harvest season, I post you-pick hours on our Facebook page and on our voicemail account.

Do you sell your fruit at farmers markets?
No, we only offer on-farm sales.

When I come to you-pick blueberries, may I bring my dog?
Certainly, but please keep your dog on a leash and clean up after him/her. We do not allow dogs in the strawberry field.

How long does blueberry season last?
Depending upon the weather, our blueberry season runs from around the 17th of July to the first weekend in August.

Do you offer any other organic fruits and other products?
We also sell our maple syrup and my books.

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